Multi-Sensor Periscope Driver Vision

The NVTS DVE Multi-S provides enhanced situational awareness in adverse weather, nighttime, and in battlefield operations. Its compact flexible design makes it a drop-in replacement for legacy day periscope and night vision systems. Drivers and crew are provided with enhanced high-resolution visible and thermal images of surroundings, allowing better vehicle mobility and increased safety.

All camera controls are easily accessed from the systems Display Control Module. The fully integrated system includes a hard case.

The NVTS Multi-S is a complete periscope Driver Vision Enhancer designed for installation on U.S. Allied T-72, T-64, BMP1, CVRT, and other tank variants.

  • Advanced UFPA Sensor Technology High Resolution 640 x 512 UFPA Ultra Crisp Thermal Image and Low Light HD Visible Camera. (Optional Rear Camera).
  • Rapid Installation No hull modification or installation necessary. Uses existing vehicle day periscope mounting for rapid install and removal.
  • Versatile, Flexible Design Variants For existing Allied T-72, T-64, BMP-1, CVRT and other main battle tanks.
  • Ruggedized HD Display Control Monitor Simple display controls of thermal polarity, gain, brightness, and HD visible camera selection.



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