Driver Vision Enhancer (DVE) for Combat Vehicles

The NVTS DVE AN/VAS-5B(V)5 provides enhanced situational awareness in adverse weather, nighttime, and in battlefield operations. The DVE’s compact flexible design makes it a drop-in replacement for legacy AN/VAS-5B(V)5 systems with optional mounting kits. Drivers and crew are provided with enhanced high resolution thermal vision of surroundings, allowing better vehicle mobility and increased safety.  

  • Advanced UFPA Sensor Technology(High Resolution 640 x 480 UFPA Ultra Crisp Thermal Image)
  • Versatile, Flexible Design (Drop -in replacement kits for existing M88 A1/A2 Recovery Vehicle, M113, M577, Bradley and Stryker versions)
  • Ruggedized Display and Control Monitor DCM (Simple control of thermal polarity, gain, brightness and camera selection.
  • Design: Compliant with government issued performance specifications and provides backward compatibility with legacy DVE system configurations.


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