Night Vision Technology Solutions, Inc.

Night Vision Technology Solutions, Inc. (NVTS) is an innovative high-technology provider of both fixed and gyro-stabilized night vision camera systems serving the various needs of the Defense market.

NVTS is a US Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) located in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. Established in 2010, NVTS brings over 30 years of new technology experience to our customers. 

We provide thermal cameras for maritime and ground applications, customized for individual operators or networked systems. Our products are simple to use, yet fully implemented with advanced features at a touch of a button. From advanced stabilized EO/IR  camera systems to thermal Driver Vision Enhancers (DVE), we constantly innovate to provide the latest in technology, cost effectively.

Our Advantage

Our approach is to always look for ways to innovate, often by aggregating new technologies and combining them with NVTS innovations.  We have a reputation for solving difficult problems on time and within budget.

Being steps away from the North Atlantic, we understand harsh environments. NVTS designs products to operate in all conditions.

We support various markets including, but not limited to:


NVTS serves defense industries of allied nations globally, offering tailored solutions that integrate cutting-edge technology and strategic expertise. Our specialized support enhances operational capabilities, cybersecurity, and mission success, strengthening partnerships and security alliances.

New and Legacy Vehicles

NVTS uniquely caters to both new and legacy armored vehicles, offering comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrate advanced technologies with existing systems. Our expertise ensures optimal performance, longevity, and adaptability for diverse armored fleets.

Search & Rescue

NVTS night vision camera systems excel in search and rescue missions, providing high-resolution imaging and advanced features designed for critical operations. Our technology enhances situational awareness, aiding responders in swift and effective decision-making during life-saving missions.

Port / Border Security

NVTS solves security needs by blending state-of-the-art technology with specialized expertise and strategic insights. Our tailored solutions bolster surveillance, threat detection, and operational resilience, ensuring robust protection against evolving security challenges.

Our Goal

Our goal is to constantly drive innovation, provide superior quality/service, remain easy to deal with and do it better than anyone else.