Night Vision Technology Solutions, Inc.

We bring to government, homeland security and defense industry customers the most innovative & cost-effective, EO/IR ISR camera systems available today – customized for the individual operator and fully implemented with advanced features at the touch of a button.

Whether you are a defense contractor, military operator, or security professional, NVTS is here to empower you with the tools you need to succeed. 

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  • Designed for rugged terrain and challenging environments

  • Highest reliability, accuracy and performance

  • Cutting-edge technology to provide military precision

We offer our customers innovative, mission-critical Electro-Optical Infrared Thermal Cameras for protection, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and situational awareness.

NVTS products offer a decisive advantage in battle scenarios by enhancing situational awareness and enabling effective nighttime operations. With cutting-edge night vision technology, NVTS equips military personnel with clear visibility in low-light conditions, allowing for stealthy maneuvers and strategic positioning. By providing real-time intelligence and target acquisition capabilities, NVTS solutions empower forces to detect and neutralize threats swiftly and decisively, ultimately ensuring mission success and minimizing casualties.

Our goal is to constantly drive innovation, provide superior quality/service, remain easy to deal with and do it better than anyone else.
Defense / Combat
Driver Vision Enhancement (DVE)
Search and Rescue
Coastal / Border Surveillance

Tailoring solutions to meet each customer's individual needs with precision and focus