High Resolution Thermal Driver Vision System

NVTS DVE 3 Wide provides enhanced situational awareness for armored, track-wheeled, and combat vehicles. It enables driver visibility during day, night, fog, rain and smoke. The NVTS DVE 3 Wide incorporates 3 high resolution 640 x 512 LWIR thermal detectors stitched together to provide the operator a large panoramic 125° HFOV, advanced digital image stabilization, and scene tracking.

• Video Presentation Options: Switched, Side by Side, Dual-View Panoramic

  • Fast 60hz Video Frame Rate
  • High Resolution Ultra Crisp 640 x 512 Thermal Resolution
  • Driver’s View PIP (Picture in Picture)
  • NVTS Wide View Enables Driver to See Both Sides of the Road
  • Visibility in Dust, Haze, Fog, Smoke and at Night
  • Digital Image Stabilization
  • Intelligent Aquisition Scene Tracking



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